March 21, 2023

Gem Star Slot

Have you ever wondered what it would be like going outer space? If so, playing the Gem Star slot will give you the opportunity to know what it would be like. Gem Star is an online slot designed by Amatic. Not only does the theme of the game contain space travel, but it also has fruit machine symbols and gems that are precious.

Symbols features

The symbols in this game are colorful precious stones, bar signs, and lucky sevens. However, the background of the game transports players into space. There are other exciting features in this game which include re-spins, 100 paylines, and wild symbols.

The game is very simple and has an interesting combination of themes and those who are space fans who want different amount of ways to win while playing this colorful game.

Before Blasting Off

Before you start off your adventure, you must know your betting options and choose your stake. There are 100 paylines in this game, and so players of this game are offered a lot of potential winning chances for each spin. The paylines in this slot are not fixed. Since the paylines are not fixed, this means you can select how many of them you like to play through increments of 10. Also, you can make changes to your bet for each line by clicking the bet button, which is located at the bottom of the screen to go from 1 to 50 credits for each line. This makes the overall bet for each spin of 10 credits to 5, 000.

Since there isn’t a minus button to make your bet go down, making changes to the bet for each spin is not a simple task. In order to make your bet lower, you have to go through all of the bets to the highest one until you can have access to the lowest one again. If you decide to do this, then you must be careful to not overshoot. The reason is because if you overshoot, you would have to go through the whole process again. Since this is the case, making a change to your bet can definitely be a task that can be troublesome.

There are some symbols that give this game an electric feel which are the space theme mingles with the gems and the fruit machine symbols. Included in these symbols are a red lucky seven orbiting a planet, amethyst stones, sapphire, emerald, a purple bar sign, a ruby, and a colorful wild star. In this game, there isn’t any music. The only sound played when there is a winning combination is just twinkling sound effects.

The Payout System

The payouts in this slot are no less than decent. The highest paying symbol is the red seven which gives out 25, 000 credits for landing 5 symbols when the max bet is being played. Next is the purple bar sign which gives out 12, 500 credit for landing 5 of them at the max bet. Not far behind is the amber and ruby gems. They give out 10, 000 credits when five of them are landed through playing the max bet. Amethyst gems and the sapphire are the lower paying icons. They both give out 5, 000 credits for landing five of them through the max bet and the emerald gives out 2, 000 credits for landing 5 through playing the max bet.

The Re-Spins

The multi-colored star symbol is the wild symbol of the game. It replaces all of the other symbols in order to form more potential winning combinations. When three of these symbols are landed, you will be given one re-spin during the re-spin feature. When this re-spin occurs, the wild star reel stays in position. From within the round, this feature can be re-triggered. Amazing right? But guess what…. it gets even better. This means that if you spin more wilds, you can land even more re-spins. This feature ends if you land 3 stars on all 5 of the reels.

The Final Thoughts About This Slot Game

Putting the space and gem themes together in this game is a bit odd, based on how this game is set up. However, overall they come together pretty well in order to create a game that is entertaining and fun to play. Most of the slot players will definitely enjoy playing this game, not only because it is fun but also because the betting range is wide. Regardless of what a player’s bankroll is, they can play this slot game. The gems and fruit machine symbols along with its intergalactic flavor makes this game appealing to everyone. Also, the sound effects helps add on to this atmosphere. Pretty much everything matches well in this game. When playing this game, you will be able to rank up some nice prizes.