December 3, 2022

Caesars Slots Trying to Lure Millennials from Phones

Caesars Entertainment Corp. is really trying hard to persuade young people that slot machines can be fun. The company is releasing a new generation of devices in different casinos that are similar to the look of mobile games that many play on their phone.

Slot Machine Betting In 2014 and 2007

Back in 2014, the slot machine betting decreased to $291 billion. In the year of 2015, it had reached a peak of $355 billion, based on what the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers. Even though the economy is often cited for the decrease, operators in the casino industry have also stated that the millennials are not into slot machines like their parents and grandparents.

Their New Slot Machines

The payout for their new slot machines is based on skill and luck. This change required tweaks to casino regulations. These games are developed by Gamblit Gaming. The games challenge players to find words that are hidden on a board or match flavor smoothies in a juice bar that is virtual. In the game of Grab Poker, four different people stand around a flat, a waist-high screen and press buttons in order to see who will snag the card that comes up in the middle. The player that has the best poker hand wins.

Their Target Audience

Their games are developed to the younger patrons. They want to appeal to those who enjoy gambling interactively and like to spend more on food and booze.

Caesars Plans

Their plan is to release six new devices that is enough for 25 players in its Harrah’s resort that is near San Diego this year. Also there would be as many as 36 with a room designed for 125 players in their Las Vegas properties next year.

The Small Wins

Eric Meyerhofer, the chief executive officer of by Glendale, California stated that, «Typically slot machines are a very solitary experience.» Then he continued by saying, «Our games are designed to be played in groups with friends.»

Unlike the standard slot machines available today in the public at many casinos which are heavily based on chance, casinos have become challenged to make sure that the new skill-based slot machines are not too easy for the player.

Gamblit’s games are made to give out payouts for small wins, instead of one big payout. As time goes on, the payouts should then be average that of the typical slot machines. A. G. Burnett, who is the chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board has said that he expects that some manufacturers will make their games very hard. As the player scores higher, the harder the game will become. This is a big drastic change from the traditional game like blackjack.

Casino Regulators

Casino regulators in Nevada and California have been changing their regulations in recent years to allow skill-based games. Slot machine manufacturers like Scientific Games Corp. and International Game Technology PLC have been creating their own versions of devices that are interactive. IGT has a machine that is based on Centipede that is in use at MGM Resorts International Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas.

The Party Atmosphere

Other casinos are also looking for ways to attract the young generation. Last year, Wynn Resorts Ltd. redesigned the Player’s Club at their Encore Resort in Las Vegas. They did this to add a dj booth, a lounge seating with flat screen video slot machines, and a white-lacquer billiards table that is from Steve Wynn’s Manhattan penthouse to create a party type of atmosphere. In July, A Las Vegas Sands Corp. installed a stadium style type of seats to their casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This allows players to bet on cards that are dealt with by live dealers in the middle of a circular floor. Players find this arrangement less intimidating than being at a table with a bunch of strangers.

Mark Juliano, president of the Sands Bethlehem stated that «It gives them a bit of time to learn these games without feeling they’re making a mistake and doing something wrong,» according to a news report. Casinos in today’s world are constantly trying to find ways to attract the millennials. Attracting the millennials is a huge priority for them. They know that in order to attract them, they must have games that are more interactive and that are like the games that are played on mobile devices. The casino industry realizes that the world is different now. Due to the world changing, it also made the gaming industry change. In order for casinos to continue to survive, they must incorporate what the millennials are interested in. If they are not able to attract the millennials then the industry will die out and will get left behind.