March 21, 2023

Booming Gold Slot

Money plays a big role in slots (online and land-based). A lot of times money determines whether or not a person wants to play a slot at a land-based casino and online. Since this is the case, it would only make sense to form a game that is dedicated to money and the privileges they bring in.

This is the efficient premise for the slot, Booming Gold and it is simple. Booming Gold was developed by Booming Games Slots. The makers of Booming Gold have been trying to show players all of the fantastic things they would be able to receive if they gave the game a try and win large. An unusual approach was used, but hey you will never know if something can work out unless you try.

The Good Life

Even though money cannot buy happiness, it can help you have access to a high standard of living. This game makes an attempt at picturing a lifestyle that is lavish. The transparent reels hover a night-time cityscape that is full of bright lights and tall skyscrapers. It is similar to Las Vegas. Also, the graphics in the game are very realistic and its color schemes are elegant. There are shiny elements distributed all over the screen.

The music in this game is very classic, just like thee graphics. Its music has a smooth and jazzy theme playing throughout the entire gaming session. When playing this game, you will see that the developers were trying to create an experience that is high end for the players, and they did not fail at doing so based on all of the factors that the game provides.

The Golden Rules of the Game

Booming Gold is a simple penny slot game. All of the settings for the game is located in a menu and it does not take long to customize the slot.

There are five reels and a maximum of 25 paylines to make a bet on. To display the setting’s menu, a gear symbol that is located on the upper left hand corner of the screen has to be clicked on. It has the shape of a golden card. In order to make adjustments to the wager amount and the number of paylines you want to bet on, the «+» and «–«switches. The size of the future winnings depend on the symbols landed on activated paylines and the size of the bet made. When playing this game, it is crucial to keep in mind that greater risks can lead to greater wins.

When you are happy with the settings, it is time hit the reels in motion. All wins are automatically added to the credit total as the game remains in play. Anyone who decides to play this game should be aware that there is an Automatic mode which can be set up to form an automatic number of spins. For anyone who decides to take this route will be able to just focus on the action without having any type of distractions after every spin. It is strongly suggested that this option gets considered once done making adjustments to the settings.

The Menu

The paytable in this game is covered in gold and has luxurious items. Those who decide to play this game will notice that are only 5 basic symbols. This is less than what a lot of players are used to The Golden Sports Car is the first one. After that symbol is a golden ring, a woman clad dressed in a gold bikini, gold bars, and a pile of gold coins.

Payouts provided by the game is pretty average, and the chances of winning do get lowered by the small menu.

The Bonuses

The scatter symbol in this game is the dollar sign Necklace. It is able to start up cash rewards no matter where it is placed on the reels. If three or more are landed, cash and free spins will be rewarded.

The icons that is a representation of bright pink lips on a woman is the wild symbol in this game. It can replace any symbol. Combinations of these symbols have the highest value in the entire game. The fourth reel is fully covered with wilds, except for the occasional scatter symbol. This is a game that is not all the way original, but however, its great graphics and its sleek realization makes the game be able to stand out in comparison to others. The small paytable is a little disappointing, but its extra special fourth reel makes up for this flaw. Overall, this is a game that is worth your time and it has all a lot of the major components of what makes a slot decent and satisfying for a lot of players.