March 21, 2023

All You Need to Know About the Green Light Slot

Ever wanted to get involved in car racing? Well this is your chance to do so….. well sort of, if you decide to play Green Light. Green Light is a slot developed by RTG (Real Time Gaming). Players of this slot will be given the opportunity to race cars in the Green Light feature. Other bonus games players should be interested in is free spins, Prize Multipliers, and Wild Drivers. Those who decide to play this game can also pick up other prizes while they are playing that include winning trophies, dating a lot of models, and drinking champagne.

Even though this is an old game, it is still enjoyable to play. Another great factor about this slot is that does not cost much. The bets in this slot are only 0. 01 coins for each spin.

The Circuit in This Slot

Like with a lot of other RTG slots, the race circuit in this slot contains a 5×3 reel set up. It also offers players a 20 racing lines. They can win prizes on these lines. By the way, the checkered-flag style symbols are a very nice factor in this aspect of the slot.

The Green Light Feature

After a player presses the spin button, their pedals will be ready to go. Soon after this occurs, players will be racking up prizes that include 1, 000 coins for winning the trophies along with an addition 1, 000 coins for drinking the champagne. Guess what? Players can earn no more than 5, 000 coins once they are placed in their cars. Once the green light says go, players can begin gaining wins for the bonuses.

If a player receives at least three green lights, their total bet will get triggered up to 200x. Not only will it trigger the total bet up to 200x, but it would also trigger the Green Light feature in this slot. This feature starts by a player choosing 1 out 5 cars to race on the track. If the player finishes in first place, then they will receive 25 free games. Second place winners will receive 20 free games. Third place finsishers will receive 15 free games. Those who fall into fourth place will be given 10 free games. The fifth place finishers receive 5 free games.

Those who finish in first and second place will be able to race again. In the second race, first place winners are able to receive up to an extra 100 games and will receive an extra five games if they finish in fifth. The prizes that were won during the free spins will also double. A player of this slot might end up having an argument with Wild Drivers. However, if they win the argument then the drivers will replace other symbols to form winning paylines and those prizes will be doubled.

The Racing Lines in this Slot

In this slot, players have 20 paylines to choose from. One to twenty of them can be played on during any spin of the reels. After choosing the paylines, players must place bets between 0. 01 and 0. 25 coins for all of the paylines. Since this is the case, only a minimum bet of 0. 01 coins per spin. However players can play all 20 lines for just 0. 2 coins for each spin. The maximum bet for any spin is 5 coins.

Those who decide to play this slot should definitely expect a lot of excitement, especially if they are very into car racing. Overall this slot deserves a grade of an A. It does not have any major flaws. The enjoyment and entertainment that is provided in this slot never stops. This is an area that some slots lack in, especially online. In a lot of cases, it is harder for online slots to capture that same type of vibe that a lot of land-based slots can provide players with. However, this slot definitely does not fit in that scenario. When playing this game, it might make you want to drive race cars in real life and race others. Obviously if you do not have any experience with driving race cars then it is best for you to not just jump into it, but however that is the type of feeling you can receive from playing this slot. Not only does this slot give its players that type of feeling, but it also can make someone become real lucky. When a player plays a slot like this, they will never forget the enjoyment that it has brought to them. A lot of times players do not only hope to win a large prize when they are playing slots, but they are also looking for entertainment. This slot definitely does not lack in the entertainment area nor in providing nice prizes.