March 21, 2023

2050 Escape from Mars – Video Slot Review

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you were an astronaut stranded on Mars trying to escape from the red planet alive? Reminds you of The Martian right?

2050 Escape from Mars is a video slot developed by Expresso that will put you in the same scenario, but through a virtual matter obviously. In this game, you can win some big prizes and other nice bonuses. Also, there are aliens that are ready to attack. If you want to find out key information about this game, continue reading this article.

Coming Back From the Future

2050 Escape from Mars is not the most impressive when it comes to graphics. However, it still has other aspects that slot players can enjoy.

On the game screen, there is an empty and desolated Martian landscape that has a rocket on the side along with a door that is wide open. The reels in this game appear to be floating in a semi-transparent interface, and command buttons are located at the bottom.

2050 Escape from Mars has a lot of high tech incorporated into the game. There are a lot of cartoon-like characters and some cute aliens.

The Last Countdown

This is a very organized game and its set of rules are classic. Most slot players have experienced these type of rules.

This game contains 5 reels and 26 paylines available. The goal of the game is to line up matching symbols onto at least one activated paylines in order to receive a cash reward. The command buttons under the reels can be used to choose a wager. Through choosing a wager, you are deciding on how much money you want to be used for the next spin and the amount of paylines you want to activate. After doing this, the next step is to launch the reels. As you launch the reels, you cross your fingers and hope that you get the combinations you want.

All the rewards in this game all depend on symbols you land and your wager size. The higher you bet on the reels, the more your chances increases on landing a big win. However, you can use the Autoplay mode in order to place the same bet on more than one spin in a row with only using a few clicks.

The Aliens

The paytable in this game is heavily connected to classic sci-fi. In this game, you will meet up with some mysterious alien species and their starships. Mind you their starships are powerful.

The colorful aliens riding on different spaceships are the most common symbols of the game. Landing these symbols can get you up to 500 credits due to the long combinations.

The next set of symbols which are the planet ones have the highest value in base game. They reward up to 1,000 credits. It is crucial to remember that all winning combinations have at least 3 matching symbols lined up on the screen. Make sure you stay in the lookout for any repeating symbol patterns, and also keep in mind that there are surprise bonuses.

Going Back Home

The planet Earth symbol is the wild symbol of the game. It can be used to replace other symbols and it can be combined like a regular symbol. It can give you up to 1500 additional credits.

The scatter symbol of the game is the astronaut. Since this is the case, here you do not have to worry about the paylines. If you land at least three of these, you will receive multiplier that go up to x100. The rocket symbol works the same except it will start up a free spin bonus round.

The game’s logo is the bonus symbol. Landing at least three of these in adjacent positions will trigger the bonus game. Through the bonus game you will be able to make an attempt at escaping Mars. If you escape the red planet successfully, you will then be awarded with multipliers.

Getting a Look at the Future

This is a game that has rich bonus features. Getting to the bonus features is what any player of this game should aim for all the time in order to increase future payouts. Not only does doing this increase future payouts, but it also makes the game a bit more fun to play.

Outside of the bonus features, this game has basic rules along with a few surprises during the base game. Anyone who wants to be an astronaut or is heavy into sci-fi will probably enjoy this game a bit more than others. However, it is important to remember that this game has some very nice rewards. The rewards that are offered from this game can definitely make you cheer a lot.